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Make Your Own Windows X Clients with LabF XDK 
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Windows X Clients with the LabF X Development Kit

The LabF X Development Kit (XDK) is a software development package designed to allow software developers to design new X clients and port existing X Window applications from UNIX, Linux or VMS systems to the Microsoft Windows PC platform. The LabF XDK is the X Development Kit, i.e. it is the software development environment to create X applications (or X clients). The LabF XDK provides possibility to compile and link X clients by using Microsoft Visual C++ Studio (Version 6.0). A ported X application is a Win32 executable. You can run it under MS Windows (within the run-time X environment, which is another part of the LabF XDK). Local X support provided permits X clients to be started and/or displayed locally or remotely on available X servers in the network. A ported X application uses an X server on an MS Windows machine just like any other UNIX X client communicates with an X server for displaying the windows. In order to develop X clients, you must have programming knowledge of Microsoft Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP and the X Window System. We assume that you have the necessary programming expertise to read further.
About the LabF XDK
The LabF XDK is a set of various .DLLs, include-files, and libraries (i.e., all the X Window System standard libraries and toolkits) that you can use to develop GUI or console X client applications that run on your PC under MS Windows instead of a UNIX or Linux host. You can develop a local X client from scratch using the XDK, or you can port the code of an existing UNIX or Linux X application and rebuild the project so that the application runs locally (i.e. on a PC under MS Windows). The LabF XDK also includes Motif libraries and include-files for developing local Motif clients. Local Motif clients are clients that use the current implementation of the OSF/Motif Widget set and are built to run on your PC under MS Windows instead of a UNIX host. The current version of the LabF XDK supports X11R6.6 and Motif 2.2.2. To create a local X client application, you can use the contents of the LabF XDK in conjunction with the Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 application development tool.
Installing the LabF XDK
You can install the LabF XDK by choosing its item in the Custom Setup Type (see section: Running Setup in x server manual at chapter: Installing). As a result, the directory and file structures described will get created.

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