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1. About This Manual

2. Introducing to WinaXe Plus

What is in WinaXe Plus

3. The WinaXe Plus Requirements

4. Installing WinaXe Plus

Running Setup


Upgrading WinaXe Plus

Multi-user Installation

5. The WinaXe Plus Database

Keyboard Definition Files

Color Definitions File

6. Configuring WinaXe Plus

Using ComSetup

Running ComSetup with Command Line Parameters

The "[NETWORK]" Section of the ini-file

Using XSettings

Running XSettings with Command Line Parameters

7. Telnet_SSH

Starting and Terminating Telnet_SSH

Telnet_SSH Menu Options

Terminal Emulation in Telnet_SSH

Running Telnet_SSH with Command Line Parameters

The "[TELNET]" Section of the ini-file

8. FTP

Starting and Terminating the FTP Program

Main FTP Window

The Server Menu

The Options Menu

Performing File Transfer

Connecting to the FTP Server

Disconnecting from the FTP Server

Changing to a User Name


Transfer Options

Operations with Files

Operations with Directories

The Quote Tab

Running FTP with Command Line Parameters


Starting and Terminating the TFTP Program

TFTP Menu Options

10. Ping

Starting and Terminating the Ping Utility

Ping Menu Options

11. LPR - Remote Printing Program

Starting and Terminating the LPR Program

Entering LPR Info

Printing Files

Configuring a Network Printer

Cancelling Output

The lpr.inf File

12. LPD - Network Print Server

Starting and Terminating the LPD Program

Configuring the Network Print Server

Printers Status

The "[LPDAEMON]" Section of the ini-file

13. Startup

Starting and Terminating Startup

Entering Startup Info

Startup Jobs

Running Startup with Command Line Parameters

The "[Startup]" Section of the ini-file

14. Network File System Server (NFS-Server)

Starting and Terminating NFS-Server

Configuring NFS-Server

Changing the NFS User Access Table


Running NFS-Server with Command Line Parameters

The "[NFSSERVER]" Section of the ini-file

15. Network File System Client (NFS-Client)

NFS-Client Settings under MS Windows 9x/ME

Mounting an NFS File System under MS Windows 9x/ME

NFS-Client Settings under MS Windows NT4/2000/XP

Mounting an NFS File System under MS Windows NT4/2000/XP

Installing NFS-Client under MS Windows NT4/2000/XP

16. Using XServer

Starting XServer

Initiating Remote Login Sessions

Terminating XServer

A Note on Copy and Paste

Single Window Mode

Full Screen Mode

Multiple Window Mode

Multiple+RemoteWM Mode

XServer Commands

Running XServer with Command Line Parameters

Running Several X-sessions

Using LBX

The "[XSETUP]" Section of the ini-file

17. Font Control

Font Path

Pseudo Fonts

Restriction of Windows Fonts Accessibility

18. X Development Kit

Introducing the WinaXe Plus X Development Kit

What is in the WinaXe Plus XDK

Developing Local X Client Applications

Porting X Window Applications to WinaXe Plus

Appendix A Keyboard Mapping File Format

Appendix B Description of Terminal Capabilities

Appendix C Troubleshooting

Appendix D The PingNFS Utility

Appendix E The NFSprobe Utility

Appendix F Local X and Motif Clients


WinaXe Plus
X-server and ssh-client
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