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Upgrading WinaXe Plus

If you specify the home directory that contains the package installation files, the Setup program will detect it and prompt you to upgrade or configure it.

If you choose YES, i.e. to upgrade the installed package, Setup brings up the Upgrade Type window. You can choose Typical, Compact, or Custom installation type (like you do it at step Setup Type of the normal installation sequence). This allows you to upgrade the package or to reconfigure it without reinstalling binary programs.

If you choose NO, Setup returns you to the Software License Agreement step of the normal installation sequence. This allows you to completely reinstall the package.

If you specify the destination directory that exists, Setup brings up the Choose Installation Type window.

In this box, if you choose Reinstall, Setup will return you to the Setup Type step.

If you choose Upgrade/configure, Setup returns you to the Upgrade Type step. If you choose Only Configure, Setup goes to the Select Components step. Then, in both cases, the Choose Configuration Location window appears.

In this box, you should specify the configuration directory (i.e. configuration path) in which you store your particular configuration files (e.g. ini-files) and the configuration components you selected. Then, Setup prompts you to Select Program Folder.

Note that if you choose Only Configure, then Setup will make no changes in the home directory of WinaXe Plus detected.


WinaXe Plus
X-server and ssh-client
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