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Starting and Terminating NFS-Server

You can start NFS-Server by double-clicking on the NFS-Server icon in the WinaXe Plus Programs' folder:

The NFS-Server window will appear on your display with the message field showing those directories of your PC that are currently mounted by remote users. You can then specify the information required to give access to exported paths on your PC (i.e. determine the directory trees you wish to make available as exported file systems for remote NFS clients).

The following control items in the NFS-Server window are available.


This button is used to change lists of exported directories and remote users (see section Configuring NFS-Server below).

Show Mounts

This button is used to show you current mounts and who are currently connected to NFS-Server (see section Status below).


This button is used to terminate NFS-Server.


This button is used to display the About NFS-Server dialog box.

Server State

The Suspend radio button allows you to suspend current NFS-Server's activity and the Resume radio button - to resume it respectively.

Show Icon on System Taskbar

If enabled, this check box lets you keep the NFS-Server's icon on the system tray. The Hide button removes the NFS-Server's icon from the system taskbar and the NFS-Server's window from the desktop as well.


This check box controls the amount of information output in the message window.

Checking Access to Exported Directories

After start-up NFS-Server on your PC you can check access to your exported directories by the following way:

  1. On your remote NFS client system, add your PC's IP address to its host table and give it a name (e.g., 'xtp3').

  2. Make sure that there is proper connectivity to your PC. On a typical UNIX system, you can try the following command line:
    showmount -e xtp3

    You will see the list of exported directories for remote mounting.

  3. The sample mounting command may have the following appearance:
    mount  xtp3:/g  /mnt

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