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13. Startup

This chapter describes how to use the Startup application supplied with WinaXe Plus .

Startup is a program for automating host access with using the REXEC, RSH, RLOGIN, or Telnet protocol. REXEC and Telnet operations may be done either by direct access to a remote host or through one of the established SSH1/SSH2 protocol connections as well.

By using the Startup program, you can:

  • Enter one or more commands in a single line and execute them on a host

  • Run a local startup file (with a sequence of executable commands) on a host

  • Enter a command line to run a local executable file (e.g., telnet, local X clients, etc) and execute it on your PC

  • Create/save/select/remove/open/execute startup jobs.

Startup job is a task with a certain set of parameters (start method, login information, command line, settings). You can create a job (i.e. store current parameters under a certain name). A job may be launched by clicking on its icon.

In order to use Startup, your host system must support the REXEC, RSH, or RLOGIN protocol. Besides, you need to know the following about any host you want to connect to:

  • For REXEC or RLOGIN method, your user ID name and password.

  • For RSH method, your user ID name. Some hosts require your PC to be authorized before using RSH, as it does not require a password. On UNIX systems, you need to add your PC name to the /etc/hosts.equiv and $HOME/.rhosts files on your host.

  • Either the network name or address of the host.

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