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WinaXe - The Easiest PC X Server

Easy to Install

To get started, you execute an easy installation procedure by answering a few questions. After that WinaXe Plus installs all the software and protocols you need to get going. WinaXe Plus does not need fancy hardware, your existing standard 32- or 64-bit PC is enough. Any networked 386, 486 or Pentium PC can become a WinaXe Plus terminal in minutes.

Easy to Use

Starting work with WinaXe Plus is easy. You can choose from six different starting methods SSH, XDM, RSH, REXEC, RLOGIN and Telnet - to initiate your remote logic session in host. You can locally build startup icons with macros, which enables you to start your favorite X clients just by clicking a window icon. Using the Window System terminal in a familiar PC environment is so easy that you can do it almost without training. Users learn new applications quicker and with fewer commands to memorize.

Easy to administrate

When you want extend your system, you can add extra WinaXe Plus terminals quickly and with low cost. If your computer system supports a remote disk, you can install a multi-user copy of WinaXe Plus on such disk. You can make company-wide installation from a single PC. You can share WinaXe Plus with multiple users and administrate the system centrally.

    WinaXe Plus
X-server and ssh-client
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