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  Licensed Users Note: Testing WinaXe 7.7

Version 7.7 requires a new license dll file (xwpdllid.dll) and can not be used with 7.6 license or with any other previous license. If you have a licensed 7.6 copy on your system and if you prefer to test 7.7 prior the purchase of a new license or upgrade license it is important that you install WinaXe  7.7 on a different location/directory. If you are uncertain how to do that, please follow below instructions to maintain licensed 7.6 in your system. Read also the last paragraph if you wish to transfer your current WinaXe settings to the test installation.

1. Download WinaXe  7.7 evaluation version.
2. Install this new version  to a different location from the previous version.

  • run winaxe.exe and unzip the files to c:\xinstall
    setup starts automatically
  • confirm dialogue screens until you get to the screen with the title "Choose Destination Location" 
  • click Browse button and edit the path (like C:\Program Files\LabF.com\WinaXe_Test )
  • confirm and finish the installation

3. You may now test the new version. However if you wish to transfer your modified settings from the previous version you need to copy some files. Open the installation directory of previous version (default is C:\Program Files\LabF.com\WinaXe). Copy to the test directory all files having extensions .dat (if exist), .ini, .kmf (edited by user), .su (edited by user), export.us and other files created by user in the WinaXe  home directory of the previous version. Very easy way to copy the correct files is to open the home directory (default C:\Program Files\LabF.com\WinaXe) and sort the files by date. Then simply copy the files that were changed/created during the original installation or later. IMPORTANT: Do not copy/replace the license file xwpdllid.dll as it will not work with the new version. 

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