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nfsAxe Price List


1 user license
2-9 users license
10-49 users license
50-99 users license
100+ users license
Update license

US$ 40.00
US$ 36.00 per user
US$ 32.00 per user
US$ 28.00 per user
US$ 24.00 per user
US$ 24.00 per user

Number of users can be any number. Specify number of users for your license in your order form.

These prices may change if there is a large fluctuation in the value of the Euro.

Please note that if you purchase by credit card, the price you are actually charged may vary slightly from the one listed above. We process all credit card charges at the current exchange rate, but due to fluctuations in the value of the dollar we cannot guarantee that this exchange rate will be exactly the same when the transaction is processed by your bank.

Purchasing nfsAxe entitles you to unlimited technical support by e-mail sales@labf.com



nfs-server and -client

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