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Emulating Unix

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Q: Is AceaXe Plus a Windows Unix Emulator?

A: It works like a Unix Emulator, but as a Windows PC XServer it does actually MUCH more.
XServer Terminology Remarks:

XWindow System and Client-Server concept are complicated issues when adopted to Windows environment. This easily leads  to false terminology. Often when people refer to pc xservers they use terms that describe quite well the purpose of the software, but are actually faulty if we look closer at the  technology behind pc xservers. The following list of the "emulator" related terms that people use instead of pc xserver has been collected from support requests that our support team has processed during the years: 

  • unix emulator
  • linux emulator
  • x client emulator
  • x terminal emulator
  • x windows emulator
  • x server emulator
  • x emulator
  • xwindows emulator
  • xserver emulator
  • xclient emulator
  • xterminal emulator
  • xemulator
If you ended up to this page by using some of the above terms on search engine, you probably came to right page and web-site, we just wanted point out this terminology issue.

What is it then?
To say it as short as possible: AceaXe Plus is a PC XServer. When installed on Windows PC, AceaXe Plus makes it possible to open and use x clients (applications based on x window protocol) from remote host on windows desktop. If you want to use Unix or Linux on Windows desktop, AceaXe Plus is the correct software for you.


AceaXe Plus
64-/32-bit X-server and ssh-client
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