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  WinaXe 7.7
Windows X Server
Released: Nov 2009
Free Download!
New features of 7.7
Price: $90 Buy!
Windows 7 (32-bit)
Where to start?

If you are new to working with the Windows and Linux / Unix connectivity issue, there are two excellent articles we recommend you to start with. The first one, "Windows onto Linux" is written by Ashton Mills for APC Magazine. (Please be patient - the link might take few seconds to open.) The second article, "WinaXe: Linux Hand in Hand with Windows", written by Dinesh Yadav, was featured in the LinuxForYou Magazine.

Now You Can Have Linux and Unix
Right on Your Windows Desktop!

Many corporate networks typically include Linux and Unix servers that host their most critical applications, while the network users stick with the familiarity of Windows. WinaXe lets you use any and all of the remote applications from inside your Windows desktop. With WinaXe, you can monitor, run and access all applications, just as though you were sitting in front of your Linux/Unix box. Download now!

New Way to Run Local X Window Clients on Windows!

You are not limited to run X Clients from your Linux or Unix host only. With LabF XDK (X Development Kit) you may develope new local x clients or port your existing favorite x applications to be run on your Windows workstation without connecting to a remote host at all. XDK is included in all three X server packages (WinaXe, WinaXe Plus and AceaXe Plus). Read more about developing local X window clients for Windows!

All our products can be installed on Windows 7!

AceaXe Plus includes 64-bit X-Server for 64-bit environment. Also 64-bit NFS-client is included in all of our packages, which has NFS support. WinaXe, WinaXe Plus, datAxe and Axessh operates under 64-bit Operating System as a 32-bit application.

Fully Utilize Your Network Disks!

Your network is designed to share, so why let your operating systems get in the way! nfsAxe is a powerful network file system software, which not only allows you to share your Windows disks with Unix and Linux, but also gives you an opportunity to take Unix and Linux disks right into your Windows environment.

Secure Your Network Connections!

SSH is the industry standard for remote logins. Axessh SSH client is a secure terminal emulator/telnet client for Windows that also
enables secure FTP and X-Server connections.

Or Have It All!

If you want to have it all, then AceaXe Plus (64 & 32-bit) or WinaXe Plus (32-bit) is the solution that you're looking for. Both titles include WinaXe, nfsAxe and Axessh in one streamlined, easy to use package.

New Serial Data -TCP/IP Converter!

datAxe is our latest addition into our networking tools and solutions. It solves all your needs for converting and transfering serial data over TCP/IP networks and vice versa.


WinaXe Plus 8.7
Windows X-Server & SSH client for Window
Released: Nov 2009
Free Download!
New features of 8.7
Price: $100 Buy!
Windows 7 (32-bit)

  AceaXe Plus 1.7
64/32-bit XServer for Windows
Released: Nov 2009
Free Download!
New features of 1.7
Price: $199 Buy!
Windows 7 (64-bit)
  nfsAxe 3.7
Windows NFS client and NFS server
Released: Nov 2009
Free Download!
New features of 3.7
Price: $40 Buy!
Windows 7 (64-bit)

  datAxe 2.3
Serial data to TCP/IP
Released: Nov 2009
Free Download!
New features of 2.3
Price: $120 Buy!
Windows 7 (32-bit)

  Axessh 4.2
Windows SSH-client and SSH-Server
Released: Nov 2009
Free Download!
New features of 4.2
Price: $40 Buy!
Windows 7 (32-bit)


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